Before you can recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, you must become sober. With sobriety comes the clarity of mind to acknowledge your disease, discover your triggers and plan your journey to recovery.

For this reason, Detox is usually the fist level of care clients enter when coming to the New Life Recovery Centers. The detoxification (‘detox’) period varies in length and treatment depending on the individual and the drug they are using and severity of detox symptoms.

New Life Recovery Centers provides 24 hours of non-medical services, and regularly consults with trained and credentialed medical professionals to develop health screenings, detoxification protocols, treatment plans, and medical advice based on client need.

Throughout the detox process, we encourage clients to take part in group activities, counseling, and treatment planning if they are feeling up to it. Although detox is often the most difficult step to recovery we at New Life Recovery Centers stay educated on the newest ways to safely detox our clients.

New Life Recovery Centers offers supportive staffing for this crucial time as our clients bravely take their first steps on the path to recovery.