Sober Living Homes

New Life Recovery Centers operates several Sober Living Homes in northern California. Sober Living Homes are clean, safe, drug-free living environments that provide structure that is key to long term success early on in recovery. This extensive network of Sober Living Homes is certified by the District Attorneys office in Santa Clara County, California and highly recognized in our community as well as the judicial system.

Besides helping ensure sobriety, Sober Living Homes provide clients transitioning from residential treatment a safe, supportive, drug-free sober living environment. Our Sober Living Homes are run by staff of New Life Recovery Centers and are held to the highest standards in the field. We regularly have clients that choose to stay in our Sober Living Homes for not only months but years.

New Life Recovery Centers is proud to offer some of the most affordable fees for Sober Living Homes. We realize affordable treatment is a need in this field and do our best to accommodate every situation to provide help to individuals reaching out for a new life.

In order for clients to stay in a Sober Living Home, they must stay active in recovery and follow through with recommendations made by their counselor in treatment. Sober Living clients are required to attend a minimum of five 12-step related meetings per week and an additional three meeting are held in the Sober Living home each week. Each client in the Sober Living Home is encouraged to have an AA or NA sponsor within the first two weeks of entering our sober living environments.

As part of a clients’ residency at a New Life Recovery Centers Sober Living Homes clients agree to random urinalysis. We can also accommodate the proper third parties, such as court referrals, employers, probation, insurance companies, for testing requirements.