About Us

New Life Recovery Centers is where recovery begins.  We are dedicated to helping people and their families recover from the disease of addiction.

There are three criteria you should consider when choosing your treatment and recovery center: Cost, Quality, and Location.  Our goal is simple…to provide the most customized treatments at an affordable cost in a location that is convenient to where you live and work.

We have a unique understanding and commitment to helping people through the recovery process because we know first hand what it is like.  Our Directors, Counselors, and Staff have all personally experienced the effects chemical dependency, and have a compassion for our clients and a heartfelt desire to see them become successful at starting a new life.

We understand, the desperation, loneliness, despair and devastation addiction can bring.  We know the challenges to be faced and the fear that can accompany taking on such an important task as changing ones life.

There is a solution and you will find it here at New Life Recovery Centers.  Chemical Dependency is treatable, and recovery is possible.  We at New Life Recovery Centers understand that the first step can often be the most difficult to take.  That’s why we’re here to help.

New Life’s treatment programs offer a continuum of care customized to individual needs.  We are licensed by the State of California and our treatment programs are accredited by CARF International for Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and co-occurring mental disorders.

Our knowledgeable staff will give you the care, compassion, dignity, respect and support you will need to succeed on your journey to recovery.

You’re not alone anymore.  New Life is here for you.

We look forward to helping you along the road to your new life.