Do You Need Help?

Congratulations. By just visiting this site, you’ve opened the door of self-awareness and are conscious of a potential problem with drug or alcohol dependency.

Often, those who need help, or who are seeking help for a loved one know there is a problem with chemical dependency because of the social, emotional and behavioral changes that accompany the disease.

Take this brief assessment to determine if you are chemically dependent:

  1. Do you find yourself often thinking of drinking or using drugs?
  2. Do you question yourself whether or not you might have a problem?
  3. Has anyone suggested to you that you may have a problem?
  4. Do you drink or use regardless of consequences?
  5. Has a job or relationship been negatively affected by your drinking or using?
  6. Have you been in jeopardy of losing a job or relationship due to drinking or using?
  7. Have you refused to go to places socially where you could not drink or use?
  8. Do you ever spend money on alcohol or drugs that should be spent on bills?
  9. Do you hide your use or lie about the amount you drink or use?
  10. Is it often uncomfortable for you in social situations without drinking/using?
  11. Have you had legal problems as a result of drinking/using?
  12. Do you drink or use to cope with feelings of anger, pain, depression, etc.?
  13. Do you have a fear of loved ones finding out how much you drink/use?
  14. Does drinking or using cause you to compromise your morals or values?
  15. Do you feel you are different from others and that no one understands you?

If you answered, “Yes” to 3 or more of these questions, it is a red flag that a problem may exist. Our professional staff is available during normal business hours to help you better understand your assessment results.

If you or a loved one finds that a drug or alcohol dependency or addiction is indicated, now is the time to get help.

No matter what your present circumstances, we believe you can be lifted into a new dimension of living, where you can enjoy a new freedom and happiness. We believe that the time to begin this journey is now. Call us at 408-297-1182 or 1-866-894-6572.