Family Program

New Life Recovery Center offers a four-week Family Program designed to help both clients and their family members recognize the effects addiction has on the family system and learn tools to bring about positive changes in their lives.

Each week we will strive toward specific goals to help the families achieve healthier and happier relationships in our Family Program.

Week 1:  Understanding the nature of addiction, as a family disease, and how it affects each individual and the family system as a whole is discussed in detail during the Family Program.

Week 2:  Acquiring and practicing effective communication skills and learning how to set boundaries is addressed in Family Program weekly.

Week 3:  Family Program teaches family members about detachment with love.  Family program gives an introduction to Al-Anon Family Groups.  Realizing that support is available as you make choices to sustain the recovery process.

Week 4:  Family program explores the role of expectations in continuing recovery.

The goal of the Family Program is to focus on awareness, choice, and integration.  We feel this mission is best accomplished in the Family Program through education and active participation in-group discussions.  The Family program is a supportive group process that centers on spiritual principles, sensitivity, and mutual respect.