Client Testimonies

“Every day I was in treatment I was impressed by the staff’s care and concern for myself and every client in treatment.  They truly cared and it was evident by the way they interacted with me and other clients. Upon my arrival the first day, Art was very open, honest and made me and my family feel comfortable.

After getting through my initial detox, the staff was very open about their experiences and it was helpful to know that some of them had been through the program as well, and the fact that they were back now working for New Life was a great motivator.  Additionally, knowing that everyone that worked there, down to the Chef and those that maintained the property were recovering as well led credibility to the program.

Overall, I wish I had come to New Life years ago, however I am glad that it is where I ended up.  This is my first and hopefully only time I’ll ever need it, but if I do I know where I will turn for help.”

– J.P.

“It was the most helpful rehab I’ve experienced that promoted action instead of focusing on the past.”

– Sophia W.

“When I first came to New Life I was broken.  I lost all hope and had very little regard for my own life.  New Life gave me a chance at life again.  They helped me understand that life is worth living, that I do matter.  They helped me cultivate a plan to start clean and helped me understand that I don’t need to be alone.”

– Neil G.

“My experience at New Life was very positive.  They provided a safe and supportive environment to get off drugs, kept me comfortable through detox and created a great plan for the future to keep me clean and happy.”

– Andrew S.

“A total eye opener! I feel like I have a new life.  I am healthy.  I can think more clearly and mainly I feel like I have a purpose in life.”

– Al L.

“New Life has become a huge turning point for me.  I’ve grown incredibly fast; mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I’ve taken away an immense amount of wisdom, integrity, and life skills.  I’m very blessed at have been given this opportunity and have nothing but sincere love for all staff and what they do here.”

– Chloe P.

“Excellent.  Life changing experience.  Just what I needed to put my life back on track.”

– Robert B.

“I had an awesome experience here.  I have gained so much knowledge about successful recovery.  The staff is awesome and helpful while going through this treatment.”

– Anon.

“Had a great experience.  Learned a lot about myself and how to deal with life.  I accomplished what I came for the tools to a sober future.  Thank you New Life Staff.”

Program Completion Statistics for 2016: