Although a small percentage of people are able to recover from drug addiction without intervention, the majority of individuals addicted to drugs need assistance. With intervention and support, many individuals are able to stop their addiction to drugs and rebuild their lives.

Dealing with a loved one who suffers from the disease of chemical dependency is never simple.  But, when the one you love is blind to the toll their drug or alcohol addiction is taking on their body, their relationships and their future, it can be an excruciating problem that may require intervention.

With intervention from our staff we will help you tell them how frightened you are, how much you care and how sick they really are without the risk of alienating yourself from their life.  Once intervention is put in place you are no longer an enabler.  Intervention is necessary to help the addict or alcoholic understand how their actions effect others.

New Life Recovery Centers intervention can help you confront the addiction sufferer in your life.  Listening closely to your perspective and looking closely at the behaviors you convey, we can help you create a positive environment in which to bring your loved one’s problems to light with intervention from our staff.

Intervention is the best way to make help available to those struggling with a drug addiction. 92% of those intervened on go to treatment and have the opportunity to change their lives.

Contact an intervention counselor today and help bring to light the addiction that is destroying your loved one’s life.  Intervention is necessary to save the life of the one you love.

If you feel intervention is what you need give us a call right away at 408-297-1182 or 1-866-894-6572 and one of our intervention specialists will be happy to help in any way possible.