Drug Abuse Treatment Center in San Jose

Chemical Dependency is a primary disease that once inflamed is nearly impossible to overcome when surrounded by environmental influences, human triggers, and enablers. Often the best way to step away from your addiction and toward a New Life is to make the decision to check into a Drug Abuse Treatment center and remove yourself from the temptation and triggers in your current environment. Drug Abuse Treatment centers offer a safe place to focus on core issues that affect ones ability to stop using and drinking on their own. Our Drug Abuse Treatment center is staffed with highly trained personnel that are knowledgeable in the disease of addiction.

New Life Recovery Centers offers Drug Abuse Treatment in Northern California. In our drug abuse treatment in San Jose, you are surrounded by those who understand what you are going though and who can support you as you make your journey to recovery. New Life’s Drug Abuse Treatment center is a place where you can regain clarity, perspective and learn the tools to manage your disease.

Our residential Drug Abuse Treatment center is a homelike environment designed to help you feel comfortable. In our residential Drug Abuse Treatment center you will be involved in therapeutic activities, one on one counseling, and other group counseling through out your stay at New Life Recovery Centers.

Our Outpatient center for drug abuse treatment in San Jose offers all day classes as well as nighttime sessions with CADAC certified counselors. Clients are encouraged to attend our Family program as well at our outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment center.

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